«Russia 2050: Strategy of Innovative Break-Through»

Kuzyk B.N. , Yakovets Yu.V.
Moscow, Izdatelstvo VES MIR, 2005. – 562 p.

Russia 2050: Strategy of Innovative Break-Through

Authors of the monograph, well-known Russian scientists B.N. Kuzyk, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Yu.V. Yakovets, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, prove a necessity to choose and realize a strategy of innovational break-through. Despite of unfavorable initial positions Russia still has possibilities for such a breakthrough. For that it will be needed to restructure the scientific potential and to use native inventions, to provide a growth of the high-technology sector, to modernize the energy sector, to transform consumer sector, to use reserves of integration and globalization. Innovational content of investments, effective use of rental incomes, innovational partnership of entrepreneurs, state, creative persons and society — are the resources for such breakthrough.

The authors support their conclusions with rich statistical materials and calculations with use of the reproduction and cyclic macro-model, propose a foreseen of innovation and technological development Russia till 2050 and draft of a strategy of innovational development of Russia till a period of 2030.


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